New York University

New York City, New York

• M.A. in Journalism and International Relations

• Awarded Goren Fellowship in Global and Joint Program Studies

• Winner of Zenith and Sidney Gross Memorial Prize in Journalism

Sept. 2020 - June 2022

Carleton College

Northfield, Minnesota

• B.A. in History (cum laude, Distinction in Major and Senior Thesis)

• Study Abroad: 10-week French language program in France and Morocco

June 2016


New York City

• Cover daily news, such as quarterly earnings reports or newly filed SEC lawsuits

• Pitch and write longer stories, including a piece on intersection of cryptography with A.I.

• Code scripts to scrape SEC filings and Google search results for Fortune Crypto 40

Jan. 2023 – Present

Harper's Magazine

New York City

• Fact-checked and wrote lines for the Index, a snapshot of statistics from recent news

• Filed FOIA requests, pulled police reports, and searched court records for Readings

• Managed orders for advanced copies of books from staff and writers

Aug. 2022 – Dec. 2022


New York City

• Wrote story on online obituaries for WIRED, included in the March 2022 print issue

• Published feature for Slate on Venezuelans who migrate using money from a video game

• Profiled abnormally cheerful subway conductor for Gothamist

Jan. 2019 – Present

PBS NewsHour Contributor

New York City

• Traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina with two longtime NewsHour Weekend  freelancers

• Helped research and shoot story on Bosnian political tensions that aired live on PBS

• Produced online piece about Ukrainian community that lived through Bosnian war

March 2022


Reporter, Brooklyn, New York

• Published three to five articles per week on politics, crime, and protests for hyperlocal news outlet in northern Brooklyn, including a story on renters fighting for pandemic relief

• Fact-checked a miscaptioned photo of Greenpoint, a story the AP picked up

June 2020 – Aug. 2020


Curriculum Developer, New York City

• Conceptualized, edited and coded curricula for students learning basic Python

April 2018 – June 2020

Fenyang High School

English Teacher, Fenyang, China

• Awarded Noble Foundation grant to teach English in rural China

Sept. 2016 - June 2017

French Advanced

Mandarin Intermediate

Spanish Advanced

Python Adv.


Javascript Int.

Java Int.

Github Basic

DSLR Camera Adv.

Adobe Lightroom Int.

Adobe Premiere Int.

Adobe Photoshop Basic

Final Cut Pro Basic

Logic Pro Adv.

Hindenberg Inter.

Zoom Recorder Basic

Wordpress, CMSs Adv.

Microsoft OfficeAdv.

Data Visualization Inter.

Google Sheets, Excel Inter.